AU Diary: What Would You Like To Know About Borderlands?

Borderlands was one of my picks for best of show at E3 this year. I love the mix of FPS and RPG, the four player co-op, and the stunning art direction.

On Thursday I'll be attending a media event for Borderlands and will have the opportunity to chat with Gearbox president Randy Pitchford. As usual, I'll try to ask him any questions you may have. So let me know what you'd like to know about Borderlands in the comments below.

Also, I just got my review copy of Scribblenauts, another of my best of E3 selection. After the success of last time, in tomorrow's diary I'll be asking you for more suggestions for that, too.


    When you're playing solo do you have 3 NPC's running around you the whole time?

      I believe the answer to that is no. However your character is persistent when playing online or offline.

        Yeah I was just curious, because nothing besides co-op has really been shown. I was hoping you could play solo, without a team of computer controlled characters following you around.

          Not sure if you misunderstood my earlier reply. But yes, you play solo without AI companions.

    Awesome. 2 questions...

    1. Whats the music/soundtrack like? Which direction are they taking that in and why?

    2. Whats the NPC animation like when you're playing? Is it clunky and stiff (like Fallout 3) or smooth and choice (like Infamous).

    I'm very much looking forward to this one.

    How about asking how long a play-though (including side missions) takes to complete, on average?

    can you let him know that im willing to offer sexual favours for a early copy.

    Let's say I have my own character I play all the time and I have a mate over, can he just whack a button and drop in whenever and play his own character? Drop back out and his everything is saved until he's back around in a week's time?

    Would he have to create a character and select stats to get going?

    I want to know how co-op works within the narrative. Say, for instance, i finish half of the main quest. Then my friend buys the game who starts at the beginning. What happens if we connect to each other? Does one of us 'hop into' the other's world, and see the world from their point in the narrative (my high level character would repeat my friend's early quests)? Or is it mutual; a new world is created somehow based on what I have done and what they have done at the same time? Of course, how would this happens with 4 people?

    Also, say me and 3 of my friends all purchase this game and start playing it together. We all play for 2 hours or so then stop. At that time, I decide to play on my own and do a few more quests. What happens when I reconnect with my buddies later, who haven't progressed as far as me?

      If your friend dropped in at a lower level to you the game will adapt in difficulty so the monsters will get harder and you wont get as much exp as your friend cos hes lower but he wont be able to take as much damage as you and will be a noob to monsters.

        It's already been explained how it affects difficulty, but I'm far more interesting in how it affects the progression of missions and quests. Does one character have to do old missions again or does the other character have to skip some to catch up?

        Also, my brother wants to know if its possible to have 2 people playing splitscreen (X360) AND another 2 people connected online at the same time. A combination of local and online play simultaneously.

    Can I have a free copy for PS3 :P
    (or on a more serious note, give some to David Wildgoose so he can have a competition to give them away [even though I'll probably buy it anyway])

    Are guns/items bound to your character (aka WoW) or am i able to sell rare used guns on to other players after they're no longer fun for me?

    Are there melee-explicit weapons? I've seen all kinds of firearms, and explosives, but are there swords/clubs/etc?

    Additionally, are there randomly generated grenades?

    I'd like to know how much of an effect changing the art direction (from a realistic look to cel-shading) had on the game mid-development, particularly because it happened something like 2 years into production. But anyway, I love the new look and it has made the game more appealing imo.

    Does The Sniper Class (Mordecai) use that sword we've seen him with so often? On that topic, what is the availability/use of melee weapons ingame besides brick's FISTS?

    will the PC version have xbox 360 controller support?

    hey, im just wondering if you have played on an SD tv, mainly because i cant afford a HDTV atm, and from the videos i have seen it looks like it could be extremely hard to read off SD tvs.

    Well, nothing that will spoil anything for when i play the game.

    But maybe perhaps, do they have any DLC on the horizon to expand the playability for the game.

    But yeah, perhaps the one about how long it will take, main quest plus also how long with all the extras. Besides going along some main quest, what are some features (new & fresh or similar to other RPGs) that we can expect.

    Everything i've read or seen is always bout the guns and 4 play co-op. Which believe me, is good enough!

    Is there any offline splitscreen co-op? if not can you explain the reason for not including it.

    Ok couple of questions.

    Apart from guns, is there any other loot or unlockables to be found? i dont know really what oulse there is apart from like 15m guns :D

    Ask if the HUD of the screen can be changed to what you want to see? Please ask this question, i am sure people want to know and with too much going on this could be a put off.

    This is regarding just the PC version. I would like to know if I can play co-op with say, my brother over LAN with only one copy of the game. Is there some kind of online activation that will stop us from playing together if we install it on both our PC's?

    How much will we be able to mod the game?
    New environments + quests?
    New weapon "parts"?

    split screen co-op?

    Will they be distributing through Steam? And also, have they finalised any of the details which they alude to in their FAQs (, such as loot sharing.

    Otherwise it's shaping up to be an awesome game and I'm really looking forward to it. Me and my brand-new GTX275 equipped computer that cost almost an arm and a leg.


    What happens when you and your friend both play through their games as the same character and want to play with each other, is that possible?

    the game uses a combination of description and type to create weapon names (deadly shotgun, terrible pistol, etc)

    are there any rare types (much like epic or legendary weapons in WOW) that might drop for players. like Vorpal Rifle or Ninja Uzi

    This one I think has been mentioned but I'll say it too so hopefully it will get asked. How will co-op work, is it online only? Split screen? Are there any multiplayer modes other than co-op?

    Also are guns moddable by the player character? Most games with lots of guns and RPG elements allow you to customise your own weapon but I haven't actually heard anything about this, only that there are millions of variations. I'd like to be able to actually take apart guns with good bonuses and put them onto a weapon of my choosing. I'd be pretty disappointed if this wasn't included.

    Has this interview been posted yet? I haven't seen it anywhere on the site. Really looking forward to it.

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