August's Top-Selling PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade Games

No prizes for guessing what the most popular games were on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade last month, what with the release of a much-loved fighter and a modern take on Metroid.

Shadow Complex easily comes in on top of the XBLA charts, as you'd expect from a game that's challenging retail games in terms of units shifted. As for the PSN, Marvel vs Capcom 2 came in ahead of Fat Princess.

In-Depth: North American PlayStation Network Sales Analysis, August 2009 [GamerBytes] XBLA: In-Depth: Xbox Live Arcade Sales Analysis, August 2009 [GamerBytes]


    Trials HD rules - one of the best games released this year - I keep putting it on to kill 30mins and realise later I've been playing for 3hrs...

      and you've lost a few handfulls of hair and still haven't beaten your mate's fluke run at the bomb towing challenge

    Just want to point out that UNO is probably there because of it being shipped with Arcade consoles. Thats my guess, cause its ALWAYS there.

    It is an enjoyable game though. Numbers would be great with these charts though.

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