Aussie Charts: Beatles Say Goodbye, Guitar Hero Says Hello

Aussie Charts: Beatles Say Goodbye, Guitar Hero Says Hello
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The Beatles: Rock Band occupied three positions in last week’s chart. This week: none. In their place we find a couple of Guitar Hero Vs instead.

Perhaps those reported supply problems were a little more severe than first thought.

Interesting to note that while the charting 360 and PS3 versions of Guitar Hero V were the disc-only, the full band bundle actually sold better than the disc-only on the Wii. Can we conclude that the market for music games on Wii is still growing, while other console owners are drowning in plastic instruments?

Also, Need For Speed: Shift gives us the largest split I can recall between multi-format chart placings. Is Need For Speed really that much of a PlayStation game?

All Format Full-Priced Games Top 10 for the w/e September 20:

1. Wii Fit (Wii)
2. Wii Sports Resort (Wii)
3. Need For Speed: Shift (PS3)
4. Guitar Hero V (360)
5. Guitar Hero V (PS3)
6. Batman: Arkham Asylum (PS3)
7. Mario Kart (Wii)
8. Wii Play (Wii)
9. Guitar Hero V Bundle (Wii)
10. Need For Speed: Shift (360)


  • wow @ the disparity between 3 and 10! What were the actual figures!!

    Is Australia the only market where games on both consoles routinely sell better on PS3?

    • Just a quick thought as to why a driving game would sell better on the PS3 to the 360. People who are in to driving simulators probably got in to gaming through Gran Turismo back in the day on the PS1. Since then they have just kept following through with Sony because of the franchise and picking up and supporting any other driving games along the way?

      Just a quick off the cuff thought though.

      • Yes! The theory is bang on.

        360 owners KNOW Forza 3 is coming out. It’s got a release date. It’s a real game.

        GT5 is still as much a game as Duke Nukem Forever at this point.

        Lastly, as a 360 owner, I’m waiting for Forza 3

      • @Ben
        PS3 owners don’t have a release date for GT5. Forze 3 comes out very soon in the coming months. GT5 “could” get released durign Xmas as some speculation has been made, otherwise mostly expect it in 2010. Hence why they might be getting their dose of Car Racing with NFS in the mean time.

        Either way, this is first week sales. This does not in turn, mean that the PS3 versions are selling better than the 360, 6 months down the track. But i believe Car Racing games would maybe sell just a little bit better on the Playstation.

        FPS, RPGs sell way better on the Xbox though. Hence why a lot are either exclusive, timed exclusive (so that devs have more time on the PS3 cause a lot of the time, they don’t turn out aswell on the PS3).

        I don’t find Car Racing games personally an online game. Probably cause the last time i was all into car racing was back in PS1 and PS2 and now today its all online. I find FPS to be more online orientated. But GT5 and Forza 3 could change my mind, im hoping to get them both.

        That could be a reason, people buy more offline games on the PS3 and more online games for the 360. I dunno – im just randomly coming up with theories.

  • NFS is suffering on the 360 because Forza 3 release is imminent and Dirt2 has also just come out.

    I’m waiting for Forza and will pick up SHIFT later when discounted. I really want SHIFT but want forza that bit more and funds are limited…

  • Bitterly disappointed, yet completey unsurprised, that The Beatles: Rock Band just dropped out of the charts completely.

    As for the Shift disparity, my gut reaction says that it simply rode the coattails of the PS3 price drop. As an aside: I wonder how many unaware NFS fans will be disappointed by the lack of arcadey-ness, Streets From The ‘Hood(tm) attitude or Maggie Q and/or miscellaneous boobies.

  • I didn’t buy Shift because Forza 3 is coming so very soon (not soon enough though). Demo should be up tonight, I’m wetting my pants in anticipation.

    Regarding GH5, I bought the disc-only version on 360. No point replacing my perfectly good WT instruments (after I used the USB dongle to fix the drum kit when it came out, that is).

  • Beatles RockBand was a destination title, almost everyone who was going to buy it, has already bought it. Ltd edition band sets flew out the door on PS3 and X360, less so on Wii it seems. NFS definitely seems a PS3 title, but in my area it doesnt seem to matter too greatly that Forza 3 is nearing release- the same people looking at buying Forza often bought Shift and even Dirt2 as well. Lets not forget that many petrolheads are still chomping at the bit for a little game called GT5 out before next Easter… Down here it could well be a console-selling title.

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