Australia Loves The PS3 Slim, Too

Australia Loves The PS3 Slim, Too

They loved the PS3 Slim in Japan. And they loved the PS3 Slim in the UK. But did you love it here in Australia? Why, yes you did.

Sony Computer Entertainment Australia has this afternoon announced sales of 40,000 PS3 Slims from the September 3 launch up until September 20.

SCE AU boss Michael Ephraim said, “The new PS3 console reached 40,000 units in just two and a half weeks in Australia, and sold through more than 21,000 units in the first four days alone. This device was the key contributor to the PS3 platform generating over $30 million of retail value since launch, and we have experienced tremendous support from our retail partners.”

Compare that to the actual launch of the PS3 back in March 2007, where 27,000 PS3s were sold in the ten days from launch, generating around $33 million (remember the PS3 retailed for $999 back then). Why, it’s almost like Sony has successfully re-launched the console.

It’s going to be an interesting holiday ’09 for the console war fans.


    • Im guessing that you’re a 360 guy. The new PS3 does look sort of good, and while im at it I’ve really got nothing against the 360 – You pay for Live but its worth it compared to the shit Sony supplies (technically its the developers but who cares) All this fanboy shit is so pointless. Most PS3 users had Ps1 and Ps2 so naturally progressed to 3. Same deal with 360 users. In my opinion, they’re both good but I choose PS3 because im used to it – and like many people, i don’t like change.

  • Sony were forced to release the cost reduced version of PS3 well ahead of their usual schedule (see: PSone & PS2slim).

    I wonder if we’ll see a PS3(extra)slim in a few years?

  • Sony’s got the fact that’s its a top tier Bluray player and cheaper then most standalones on the Aussie market working for it too.

    But yeah it’s catching the 360 – give it a year and it’ll be a close one.

  • 360 isn’t that popular down here, given its head start, huge price difference and better game library (until recently at least), it should be a lot further ahead, it won’t be long before PS3 completely outsells it down here.

    • Ah well that’s what happens when you release a faulty device that has the majority of it’s library avaliable and running better on the pc.

    • i agree, just as a general observation i think sony has a more established market awareness thanks to the success of the PS2 and PSone here.

      Out of all the people I know with HD consoles, only one has an Xbox360, and he owns a PS3 aswell.

    • I’m pretty sure that Xbox sales per capita in Australia makes it one of the best performing markets for Microsoft…

      Meanwhile, Australia as a whole is pretty slow at adopting new technology. Plenty of people still haven’t got past the PS2. However, as the new consoles get price drops, more and more people will finally upgrade. And as someone already mentioned, anyone who is comfortable with the Sony brand will continue to buy Sony, thus the console war will become increasingly closer. Well between Microsoft and Sony anyway. I don’t think either of them will be catching the Wii anytime soon.

      This all comes from someone who is just a fanboy of gaming in general and owns all 3 consoles and has no particular affiliation to a single brand.

    • “in terms of total units sold to date, the Nintendo Wii still reigns supreme on 1,380,000 units as at the end of last month, market watcher GfK said. This compares to 700,000 for the Xbox 360 and 540,000 for the PS3.”

      check your info dude, 360 is second in australia. still my console of choice, but im going to get a ps3 now. good value for money. all it needs now are some good games. will get uncharted 2 i guess.

  • bought a slim to replace my 60gb like i did with pro and elite 360s. Loving it so far, very sleek and super quiet with better wireless strength. Excellent. Dont miss the 60GB at all.

  • I wont be surprised if PS3 sales out do 360 sales in the coming months, after all most people who wanted a 360 already have one.

    I wish sony had lowered the price earlier but eh better late than never.

  • The fact that I’ve seen parents with kids walking out of EB with a PS3 and oldies walking out of Harvey Norman with one too, means that Sony is finally getting through to the masses.

    Well done.

  • PS3 may well deliver the knockout punch to X360 over Xmas holidays- this might have been a definite if GT5 was released in 2009- and FF XIII and Heavy Rain will only help reshape the gaming landscape further. Hopefully Sony ramps up the connectivity with PSP as well.
    Even aside from games, as more and more Aussies sample BluRay, more and more will not be content to go back to std def DVD. Especially with a certain retailer putting BD new releases at same price as DVD format. I know I already suffer culture shock going back to blurry ol’ digital telly after a BD session.

  • I’m not suggesting some kind of conspiracy here, however my 40g yellow lighted the day the slim was announced. When they rolled out early this month I got one and I am loving it. The most noticeable difference being the noise. I forget that thing is even there sometimes!

    • you serious? my 40gig was whisper quiet. my slim is constantly whirring with the fans. not like the 360 but noisy enough for me to hear it.

      • I’ve got a 40gb (but upgraded the HDD to 320gb). Two things i noticed about the fan noise… it’s progressively got louder over the year and a half i’ve had it, but since the latest firmware, while on standby the fans don’t operate anymore when they used to. Now on standby it makes no noise at all while it used to have at least one fan at low power on, enough to hear it at least when I was going to sleep at night…

  • I prefer the other one IMO 🙂 I like the shine of it 🙂 though i did notice they removed the touch buttons for the power button which caused so much trouble for them in their days

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