Australian Film School Offers Games Course For 2010

Games+VirtualWorlds_smallThe Australian Film Radio and Television School is now taking applications for a 2010 course in Games & Virtual Worlds.

AFTRS is Australia's national screen arts and broadcast school. Loads of successful filmmakers are graduates: Alex Proyas, Jane Campion, Andrew Lesnie, to name but three.

Next year, AFTRS is offering a Graduate Certificate in Games & Virtual Worlds, open to writers, artists, animators, directors and programmers. The course "concentrates on the development of original concepts for virtual stories, games, social worlds and innovative gameplay resulting in the creation of a working prototype by the end of the course."

If that sounds like you, applications are open until November 1. Visit the AFTRS website for more info.


    They're few and far between but little pieces like this is really, good, even if there's not a lot of ask for it.

    Thanks Kotaku.

    Swinburne University has been running a very successful Gaming undergrad program for several years. Check out
    Course code: N0515GAM

    We have Alienware PC's in the labs and the main lecturer is Damian Scott, ex- original Team Fortress

    This is a great little piece of news, keep it up :D

    Super course- and they got a pair of epic BABES for that poster- am i right?

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