Bargain Hunter: A Puzzling Preorder

Bargain Hunter: A Puzzling Preorder

With those two new DSi colours announced last week, it looks like the preorder competition is heating up. Here’s a good one I’ve spotted at EB.

For $288—fractionally under the $299 RRP—you can get either the new hot pink or metallic blue DSi and a copy of the excellent Professor Layton and the Curious Village.

Remember, it’s a preorder deal. Anyone seen any better ones?


  • haven’t seen any just yet but i did see eb are doing a trade deal if you wanna upgrade colour, trade your old dsi console in and pay 88 dollars for an upgrade, so $200.00 for your dsi for a colour change?


    • Isn’t that like the “Trade your PS3 + a couple of games and get a PS3 80gb for $300*” offer they did a while back? They occasionally have some good offers, but balance them out with retarded stuff at times.

      *Price definitely not entirely accurate. Was still a fairly stupid offer though

    • lol.. no it is curious village haha, still 288 with a free game is ok, especially if that game has said sequel.

      @ Aaron Clement, so totally agree with you, that trade deal to upgrade to the 80gb was ingenious … not haha

    • No he means Curious village. I was considering this pack untill I realised it was going to be the old one not the new one. I already have it, no incentive to upgrade yet then 🙂

  • I don’t see how anyone who has read kotaku’s DS Lite vs DSi comparison would want to buy a DSi over a DS Lite unless it was for a DSi specific game or … “for the camera”.

    DS Lite has 50-100% more battery life before needing to be recharged and is ~$100 cheaper.

    I know which one I just bought off ebay for $130 from china… =P

  • Can we get a decent DSi deal? I need an upgrade from 2 busted DS Lites. One’s got a floppy screen and the others got a busted ‘light area’ where the things just fallen off.
    So DSi deal thats decent I’ll get a upgrade to play Scribblenauts on… or I’ll just get another lite >.>

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