Bargain Hunter: All You Need Is Free Beatles Mics

Seems something of an accessory war has broken out between Sony and Microsoft over The Beatles: Rock Band. Both are offering deals to get a free microphone or two when you buy the game.

Sony kicked it off with the snappily-titled The Beatles: Rock Band – Two Microphone Pack for PS3. The bundle hits Australian retail on October 1 and contains the game and two SingStar mics for $119.

Now, Microsoft is getting in on it too. If you pick up the 360 version of The Beatles: Rock Band at Big W, you'll get a Lips microphone thrown in for no extra cost.

I'd say Sony wins this round.

[Thanks Glenn for the 360 tip]


    No wai, because the 360 version is probably $79 dollars at big w with the mic. :P

    $119 for rockband with 2 mics is not free microphones :P its $20 microphone at least.

    Lips, HA!

    nuff said

    Dammit - I have already bought the game, and am probably going to stump up for some mics this evening.

    Plus, you still need a USB hub.

    No extra microphone for Wii users :(

    Just went to EB today to buy Lips for $46 just for the 2 mics to use with Rock Band 2 and Beatles. I think Big W's price was around $20 extra for the bundled in mic than just the game so it works out about the same.

    A 'Win' Would be to give three Mics... and three Mic stands...

    I already had lips, so no biggy.

    Singstar & Lips.

    HAH! Enough said.

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