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elite bundle harvey normanThe launch of the PS3 Slim prompted Microsoft to drop the price of the 360. That cut hasn't even come into effect yet, but retailers are getting in on the act early.

Retailers like Harvey Norman, who are currently offering an Xbox 360 Elite bundle with Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST for just $429.

After the September 22 price drop, the Elite will sell for $449 RRP and, for the first 30 days, come with a copy of ODST. Still, it's cheaper here and you get twice the Halo. Not bad.

    I found DStore accepting pre-orders for
    360 Arcade + Forza 3 for $299

      Now maybe the DSi won't want to be $299 as well...

    If I didn't have Halo 3 already, this would be worth an upgrade :(

    Hey David,

    Next time you're talking to MS, can you ask them what they're doing to counteract the new PS3 locally?

    Look in the latest consumer junk mail lately, it's all PS3/Wii, with a few games having tiny words "Also available on Xbox 360" underneath.

    It's like since the new PS3, 360 has completely disappeared. Given that the Playstation brand already has far, FAR more traction in Australia amongst non-gamers, I wonder how well Aussie MS is equipped (marketing wise) to try remain relevant with average consumers!

    FWIW, I think deals like this further the problem. Pretty much for the last 12 months now, 360 has been NOTHING BUT Halo. Okay, so who cares if the Wii has been nothing but Wii Sports for 3 years, it works for them. But the 360 needs more of a shake-up here than a price cut. Far more.

    This is freakin awesome. My friends older brother moved out and took his xbox. This will go well as an 18th present!

    My launch 360 died last week. Glitches and freezing, occasional RRoD too.

    Opened the sucker up and did my best, but it only got a few more hours out of it before it returned back to uselessness.

    Selling it on Ebay now, will get $50+ for it easy and no doubt someone will buy it and do the proper modification to make it work.

    That's OK though, because I went halves with the misses yesterday for this Hardley Normal deal. Will be back there to pick up ODST when it's released.

    I even got the *NEW* elite, ya know the one that doesn't come with the HDMI cable.

    And it's sooooooo much more quieter than my launch model it isn't bloody funny. Seriously I still can't come to terms with how quiet the new 360's are compared to my launch model.

    I also found $50 bucks on a road, while driving on it in harsh winds and doing about 100 Km, so I consider that a further discount on my 360 upgrade :P Even if I have sore feet from pulling over and running after it barefoot!

      Seeing a 50 flying in the wind whilst driving at 100km/h: mad props.

      All that 360 time is paying off with your reflexes...

    i want to get this so bad.

    360 Arcade is $199 at the new WOW sight & sound that has just opened in Canberra. Tempted to go buy it just so I can have HDMI...!

    Kmart are having a massive Games clearance sale atm too - I've seen things like TMNT or Project Gotham 3 listed for $6 (360), Bioshock PS3 for $19 etc.. Stocks seem to vary from store to store & some prices seem to be different depending on where you look.

    You can find a partial list @

    No worries Dave! =)


    This Harvey Norman deal is actually for brand new Elites? I mean it's not old stock that they haven't sold. It IS the new stock thats not meant to go on sale with the new RRP until Sept. 22????

    Did you get the HDMI with it cause the advertisement says so in MY catalogue.

    Why are Harvey Norman selling the new Elite so soon? And UNDER the RRP with 2 games for free????

    I bought one yesterday but I didn't get the HDMI cable. I'll contact them today and try and get it.

    Awesome deal!

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