Bargain Hunter: Bully For You

Bargain Hunter: Bully For You

For me, it was one of the last console generation’s finest hours. With Bully, Rockstar managed to focus the GTA formula inside a smaller, tighter environment while also benefitting from a fresh setting and plenty of humour.

Bully was re-released for Wii and until the end of September you can grab it for just $29 at JB Hi-Fi. I only ever played it on PS2, so I’m very tempted to take advantage of what seems like a pretty good deal.

How does the Wii version compare?


  • Wii version includes like 4 more classes, I’m not sure about missions but there are several extra features that you will notice in the game. One of the major things you’ll notice is the use of the waggle controls but it is not so bad that it is annoying, though it has one of those training sequences like in Kya where you have to get a move right to leave and of course you never can.

  • Personally I only ever played the 360 version which I had a blast with.
    You could tell that alot of the new features were made with the Wii in mind.

  • I thought the Wii & 360 were the same?

    The 360 has extra stuff too with classes & stuff. Then again the 360 came out before the Wii, so they probably did add even more stuff for the Wii,

  • Have both the PS2/360 versions, it really was a great game, it was fun and enjoyable… felt as though the last few missions were not required (Townies Clique)…

    But the final mission was epic, well… as epic as a schoolyard final mission can be! 🙂

    Aside from the waggle, I thought the Wii version was the same as the 360… the few extra classes the PS2 version didn’t have, that’s all… believe you could find the 360 for the same price at some stores also…

  • Don’t touch the PC port – it’s a dodgy, half-arsed dog of a conversion with a multitude of compatibility issues.

    I enjoyed Bully and was looking forward to playing it on PC, but the lack of quality and the total lack of giving-a-shit from Rockstar has turned me off giving them any more of my money. I’ll spend it on something that actually lets me play the game before hanging instead.

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