Bargain Hunter: Buy A Box, Get A Free Village

Professor Layton and Pandora's Box is out in Australia today. It's really rather good. If you've never played a Layton game, you might want to drop by GAME.

You see, when you buy Professor Layton and Pandora's Box at GAME they will give you - FREE! - a copy of Professor Layton and the Curious Village. That's twice the puzzles for only once the money points.

Kinda useless though, if you already have the first game. But maybe you can offload that to a less fortunate friend.

[Thanks to Anthony at Ecogamer for the tip]


    Is there a GAME store in WA? If so where about is it?

    I am interested to get the latest addition and want to give that free cart to my cousin who loves puzzles too! *hehe*

      I was at the big shopping center in Armadale, WA on Monday and there was a GAME there.

      Thiw will help ya hopefully....

      There's one in Carillon City across from sunglass hut and one in Carousel as far as i know

      One in Joondalup as well, I have friends who work there.

    Wasn't this just for pre-orders (cos thats why i preordered!)

      Nope, it's for anyone that purchases Pandora's Box from a GAME store. That being said, don't feel bad for pre-ordering. From what I hear, the game was only sent out in limited quantities, so at least you know your copy is being held for you. =)

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