Bargain Hunter: Buy PS3 Slim, Get Free Batman

Bargain Hunter: Buy PS3 Slim, Get Free Batman

ps3-slim-batman-dealThe PS3 Slim goes on sale tomorrow, bringing with it the new price tag of $499. Some retailers are going one better though.

Like Dick Smith, where you can get a copy of Batman: Arkham Asylum – also on sale tomorrow – thrown in at no extra cost.

The Dick Smith website says it’s a pre-order offer, but a quick call to their Broadway store in Sydney confirmed that you’ll still be able to walk in tomorrow and pick up the same deal… assuming they have stock left.

I’m interested to hear what other PS3 offers you’ve seen and who of you is actually taking the plunge tomorrow?

PS3 Slim Deal $499 + Batman Arkham Asylum @ Dick Smith BNE [LANSmash, thanks Ben!]


    • Why wouldn’t you just buy it at Harvey Norman instead of going to the trouble?
      Not only do Harvey Norman have better customer service, they also provide better after sales support. EBGames took my fat PS3 for repairs and it took them 3 months and a number of angry phone calls to give it back. Harvey Norman took my red-ringed 360 and gave me a brand new one. Enough said.

      • Chris, you’re comparing different consoles and therefore hardware companies here. Your correlation has no grounds.

  • GAME have the PS3 slim with 3 games (Force unleashed, UFC and NFS: Undercover) and a warranty for $599. A few other deals for cheaper as well, plus the guy told me that they would beat any other console deal on the market. Even the Dick Smith Batman one!

  • I would like to know whether or not there are any “trade your old ps3 console and get the slim for this price” deals going on, because I spoke to EB today and they said they’d give me like 250 for my old 40gb. If that’s the most I can get for it, I’ll sell it to a mate/family member for a bit more haha!

  • As far as I’m aware, GAME are doing these trade deals-

    PS3 80GB + 2 games = $149 to pay on PS3 Slim
    PS3 60GB = $29 to pay
    PS3 40GB + 5 games = $179 to pay

    360 Elite + 3 games = $149 to pay
    360 Pro + 5 games = $179 to pay

    Wii + 5 games = $149 to pay

    They have an exclusion list and stuff on their site though..

    • That’s some wack shit they have going on there. Massive discrepancy between the amount of games you need to trade in for a 40gb model over a 80gb.

      Plus, who in their right freakin’ mind would trade in a working 60gb model, AND pay $29 for the privilege? I was in GAME Bondi Junction and they were advertising used 60gb PS3s for over $700. That’s more than you’d pay for a Slim and a PS2.

  • I’m going to Harvey norman they did a better price then the one they stated in there ad for my pre order $479 with free game and 5 yrs warranty for $89 what a deal

    oh and i got infamous

  • i got my 40gig ps3 GTAIV bundle for a mere $560 after the great harvey norman/kmart20% off price match and ebgames tradein scam of 2008.. OG ps3 for the win.

  • If I price match Dick Smiths at EB Games, could I then return Batman (under their 7 day return policy) and get refunded the full retail price of the game as a voucher, thus getting the PS3 an extra $120 cheaper?

  • This is a pretty good deal but it’s worth noting the retail price for the new ps3 slim in the US is $299 ($355 aus) so don’t be surprised if Sony knock the price down to $399 before Xmas. So I think I’ll wait just a little while longer (I’ve waited this long)

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