Bargain Hunter: Cheap PS3, Wii, DS Lucky Dip

catch of the day 090923You've got two hours to get over to Catch of the Day to (potentially, if you're incredibly lucky) take advantage of some low PS3, Wii and DS prices.

At midday, Catch of the Day will be flogging off a limited number of PS3 Slims at $339, Wiis at $199 and DS Lites at $99.

Ridiculous prices, all of them. But the whole process is really akin to a lottery. So good luck!


    oh great, tell the world.
    my chances just lessoned greatly. lol

    I will have a crack at a PS3 only for the bluray component but yeah not hopeful. Maybe a new GHD hair straightner is more of a chance ;)

    Good luck, that site tends to be unreachable when they have deals like this.

    Yeah.. good luck, you'll need it.

    First bargain is a High School Musican 3 speaker cushion. :/

    A pen @ second? What kind of pathetic site is this?

    Dammit i just want to know what the product is so i can go to lunch

    A toothbrush! nay good sir. TEN TOOTHBRUSHES!

    Toothbrushes = fail

    Why put there good products first people would leave after the purchase. This leaves you paying close attention all fricking day. I did buy the tooth brushes though. Set for life now in that department.

    1:30pm - 2:00 Nintendo DS Lite - 1:40 Sold out

    @JJ Yeah but for those 10 minutes the servers were completely blitzed. Nearly no chance of scoring one.

    shakes head... they listed the DS Lite to have quote " Storage: 256 MB of internal flash memory with (optional) SD card (up to 2 GB) and SDHC card (up to 32 GB) expansion slot"

    This site is ridiculous. I had the PS3 in my shopping cart, completed the paypal process, got back to the cart and hit Confirm as soon as I saw it and it took me to the "we can't handle it" page and I was left sitting there hitting the time I got back to my shopping cart it had sold out. So crap!

      Serious question: should I bother to mention these Catch of the Day specials again? I've not tried it out for myself, but it seems like a massive hassle and perhaps even misleadingly advertised.

      Should Kotaku just ignore them in future?

        i bought a dvd player cheap from there once its ridgey didge, but its not really that useful to broadcast the latest deals here, might as well put up cheap ebay auctions

    I agree. I wouldn't post them up again. Your chances of getting lucky and scoring a good deal really aren't very high. So it's more of an exercise in frustration than anything else.

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