Bargain Hunter: Dick's DiRTy Deals

Racing fans who haven't yet picked up the new Colin McRae rally sim from Codemasters might want to investigate the current Dick Smith catalogue first.

While the standalone game is barely discounted, you can get a nice PS3 bundle, with the Slim and a copy of DiRT 2 together for just $494.

Also, if you already have a PS3, there's another bundle, this time giving you a Logitech Driving Force wireless wheel and a copy of DiRT 2 for just $148.

Anyone seen a better deal?


    I'm looking to pick up Bioshock soon. Has anyone seen it cheaper then $50? and where? thnkx

      Picked it up in the USA at Frys Electronics, Oregon (wayhay no sales tax) for USD20.
      Even on a 1 year old game Oz get ripped off again....

      JB Hifi have Bioshock for $44 on X360

      ill look into both options. Cheers!

      I think there's supposed to be an Oblivion combo out now.

      About 80% sure, but i think i saw Bioshock for $30 in Kmart 2 days ago. It was either $30 or $40. But definitely no more than $40. I know all Kmart stores don't always have the same games at the same prices (except for catalogue specials) but the 2 nearest to me usually have the same prices for older games.

      If you don't have Oblivion I suggest buying the Bioshock/Oblivion combo for $60 at JB-Hifi. $30 each game is a great deal.

    David, I'm feeling insane and have the urge to get the PSP go! This is relevant because its only $49 on the PS store. Have you heard of anywhere breaking the street date yet? Surely!

      IIRC someone mentioned on the Screen Play blog that it'll be like 400 bucks from Big W, if you do end up caving in.

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