Bargain Hunter: EB Has One More Case Of Diamonds

Bargain Hunter: EB Has One More Case Of Diamonds

far cry 2 pic 090921I mentioned EB’s big sale yesterday. Shiren The Wanderer for under ten bucks is a good deal. But, seriously, it’s a far cry from being the best…

No doubt some of you are sick of me banging on about Ubisoft Montreal’s incredible open world shooter. But – hey – it’s my website.

At EB right now you can pick up the Far Cry 2 collectors edition – that’s the one that comes in a wooden box with a t-shirt, art book and other merch – for just $46. They’ve got it on both PS3 and Xbox 360, too. (Sorry, PC gamers, you get the standard edition for the same price.)

I’m going to buy it today. Now, what to do with the review copy I already have…


  • Oh wow they still want money for that game. Haha I don’t suppose it had any patches that fixed the boring world and constant respawns? or maybe let you chose a faction and side with it like the said while hyping it? no none of that? well that’s alright im sure people like paying for bland shooters.

    • Perhaps you missed the post where I declared Far Cry 2 the best game of 2008. A diversity of opinion makes the world more interesting.

      Oh, and the idea of letting you choose a faction to side with completely misses the point the narrative was trying to convey.

      • Agreed. My one and only problem with Far Cry 2 was the respawning at the checkpoints. They should’ve made it so they respawned once a day instead of 2 seconds after you leave.

        Apart from that it was brilliant and far from bland.

      • Best game of 2008 you say? Hmmm…. I had planned on picking up Prince of Persia for $48. Might have to re-think my options.

      • No dude it was lazy design. Oh yeah do this work for us and the guys we hate oh and we will both shoot you regardless of who you are currently working for… That does not further plot or gameplay it is just poor design.

    • I must admit the super-fast respawning was a bit annoying. It’s like, “I only just killed all of you dudes.”

      The corrupt save bug made a dogs breakfast of things too.

      I really enjoyed the game, however. The use of fire was impressive.

  • Make sure you drive through 8 millitant riddled check points that you cleared out not 5 minutes ago that stop you dead in your tracks on your way to your local EB.

  • Don’t worry Dave isn’t the only one who loved this game, but I loved this game more for its map creator, I made many a masterpiece with that and with so little effort, plus the explosions were orgasmic. Singleplayer was a slight disappointment for me, but the multiplayer and map maker made up for that.

  • My Harvey Norman has had like 10 boxes of the collectors edition of farcry 2 sitting there for 30 dollars AU for like 6+ months now.

    I bought one but have since traded it in.

  • Your game of the year kudos got me to go out and get this, and I agree, while it’s certainly one of the better titles of last year, it was definitely the most courageous. I think the non-scripted narrative experiences you describe are certainly it’s highlight, but no more so than L4D, which took my GOtY (dismembered) hands down.

  • Gave up in the first hour. I play games to escape reality, not to be frustrated by it in another setting.

    But I can see why some people would like it.

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