Bargain Hunter: Has Your Girlfriend Got A PS2?

ps2 lifestyle singstarIf not, she'd probably appreciate the SingStar bundle happening at JB Hi-Fi right now.

What's in it? A PS2 console, two SingStar mics and your choice of any SingStar game. All for $199, saving you a decent amount if you'd bought them separately.

Be quick though, the deal ends tomorrow.

And yes, I realise guys play SingStar as well. But Sony's marketing tells me otherwise.


    AHAHAHAH! As if we have girlfriends. David you're too funny.

      Maybe a reference to the inner girl within everyone?
      Unless you are too manly to admit singing "We will Rock You" whilst slightly drunk?

        i played wow drunk once........yea, playing anything is drunk is a horrible experience, but an experience with your friends nonetheless.

      heh, i do, but she'd rather play RPG's and Zelda

    How is this a bargain when GAME are offering the same deal for $163?

      I haven't seen the GAME deal. Link?

    "I see a little Silhouette of a man, Scaramouch! Scaramouch! can you do the fandango"

    Same deal has been running at GAME for a few weeks now.
    Runs til 14th Oct as well.

    Ps2's are headed out the door in quick spread at the moment, boss gave me permission to fob them all off @ 99.00 each, as long as they purchased one game (which was already marked @ 50% off) i just wish they would stop releasing games for this silly console!

      I'm glad they do, since we still use ours and can't afford a PS3 for the price of a kidney. Plus it has a /huge/ library of awesome games.

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