Bargain Hunter: Hey, It's Another Elite Bundle

big w elite bundleThat scan right there is from the Big W catalogue starting September 24. It's got a pretty good deal on the Xbox 360 Elite.

As you know, come September 22, the Elite is dropping to $449. And up until October 20, Microsoft are throwing in a free copy of Halo 3: ODST.

But Big W are going one better. From September 24, you not only get Halo 3: ODST, but Call of Duty: World At War as well.

AND... you only pay $398.

So they're basically paying you $50 to take World At War off their hands. Cheers, Big W!

Xbox 360 Elite 120gig - $398 - At Big W - Starts 24th September [OzBargain, thanks Darius!]


    take 5% off that and thank you :)

    w00t now i have a new black 360 :)

    That's about $200 worth of RRP game right there.

    Check your local David Jones stores also... my local has 15% off games, til October 11th...

    Consoles SEEM to be included, the guy at mine scanned a Wii console and it came up 15% cheaper...

    I had changed my mind about picking up a new console, this news just changed it back XD

    I actually picked up an Elite from Harvey Norman last week, it came with Halo 3 & a voucher for Halo ODST (when it comes out) for $429 and the guy there gave me the Kung Fu Panda/Lego Indiana Jones Elite pack, so effectively 4 games with an elite for $429..

    Checked the manufacture date and ensured it was a Jasper.. oh yeh..

    That's really damn tempting but I've already got WaW for PC and I'd rather the deal they're having at Harvey Norman, two games I don't have.

    ...okay, screw my previous thoughts on getting an elite. THIS, I will do. Going to buy ODST beforehand anyway, and already own a copy of WaW, but I can handle having doubles of those games and getting the console at such a cheap price.
    Besides, I think I just heard someone say 'Traid bait!"

    Now thats more like it, unlike that MW2 bundle.

    Better than Harvey Norman!! And COD: WAW is much more newer than Halo 3 and worth more in trade ins.

    I may get this... do places like target or Kmart price match bundles?? Wait and see their bundles before i act and go buy something. But this is the best so far!!!!

    How much would ppl pay for a used 360 these days with 20gb of hard drive only...? Not a Jasper of course...

    wooo you're welcome!'re ALL welcome mwuhahahaha

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