Bargain Hunter: Hold Off On That Halo Purchase

halo odst big wUntil Thursday, anyway, for that's when the new Big W catalogue kicks in.

Halo 3: ODST was released last night. It retails for $99.95, but you can get it for a bit cheaper than that right now. Or, if you wait until Thursday, you can get it for much cheaper at Big W.

$68, to be exact.

Or you can get it for free when you buy the Elite console bundle for $398. And get Call of Duty: World at War throw in too.

Big W Catalogue Until September 30th [Ecogamer]


    I was at Big W today and most of the items from their latest catalogue are on sale now at the catalogues advertised price.

    $68 nice.

    or you can not get it, that is an option as well suprisingly

      Seriously, dude...

        seriously dude.. dont get me started, its games like this that make me wish my grandaddy was alive,
        and he used to beat me

    I picked mine up this morning as I had pre-ordered at EB Games to get the Sgt Johnson unlock code. I took in the JB HiFi catalogue and got $20 bucks off as they price match so $79 wasn't too bad.

    For anyone who has yet to pick up their pre-order, take in the BigW or JB Hi Fi catalogue to EB Games to save some dough and get the unlock code as well (only for pre-orders).

      That is quite interesting! Which EB Games are you talking about - perhaps I will preorder there from now on?

      I have four EB games within 4km of me and not a single one will match JB because JB do not have the exclusive code (citing the product must be exact).

      ...and none will match BigW either because the catalogue does not start until Thursday (and still not an exact match).

    One or two other game retailers will beat that BigW price, if you ask nicely.

    But I'd wait until it is $40, which is a more appropriate price for what is essentially expanded DLC. See the arstechnica review for futher detail.

    Also remember ladies and gents... that EB will give you $87 for Halo 3 ODST when you trade it in before the 28th Sept...

    So there is PROFIT! to be had!

      I'm going to raid Big W on Thursday morning... buy every copy I will.

    I picked up my copy from EB Games and they price matched it with Big W's $68. Also got Lips w/2 Mics for $46.

    Yeah you should wait its not that good, I went to Big W today and they didn't have any on sale yet so I had to go to Target, and they Charged me $99.95 they are a Rip off.

    dudes just buy it from jb hi fi its like 79 or from i got it for like 35 euros which is like 61 bucks and free shipping...who buys games from major retailers

    I got mine from Game Traders. $77 bucks and came with a poster and a Halo 3 themed blazer. The nerd inside me couldn't help but proudly wear it home.

      The nerd in me is jealous! At which Game Traders did you make said purchase, and was it a deal limited by location or time?

        Highpoint Victoria. T'was a pre-order special. They had hoodies or blazers. They ran out of hoodies though and I think it was first come first serve coz one of them called me up to say come early to get my size.

    Knew about this but I just couldn't hold off for another 3 days. had to get my halo fix so I just got it from JB for $79. not too bad

    I have been wanting to upgrade to an elite for a while now so this may be a perfect time to do it.

    What do you guys think?

      that is actually exaclty what i planned. i have a 20gb pro running fine but doesnt have hdmi. elite is a must have for me right now.

    got it today for $47 (used trade bait to get it with JB's 3 for 1 free deal)

    EB was crap... they wouldn't price match $79 and give me Sgt Johnson! AND I PRE-ORDERED. So i went to Game and traded in MK vs DC (which i bought for $45) And got ODST for $29

      EB was awesome. They pricematched bigW and gave me the Sgt Johnson code.

    You can pick up the Asian release (region-free and english) from play-asia for about $63-64 if you really want to penny-pinch...

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