Bargain Hunter: Is Guitar Hero DS Worth Twenty Bucks?

Bargain Hunter: Is Guitar Hero DS Worth Twenty Bucks?

The handheld version of Guitar Hero never struck me as a great idea, despite Activision’s best efforts to make it work with their crazy-arse glove accessory.

But my Kotaku colleague Tracey claims it’s pretty damn good. She’s actually been playing it a lot on the train recently, but given the state of Sydney trains I’m not sure if that should be taken as a ringing endorsement.

Still, David Jones – of all places – have Guitar Hero On Tour for DS on sale for $19.95 right now, until September 13. I’m not entirely convinced, but at twenty bucks it seems like a reasonable risk to take.

And, hey, if it sucks, you know who to blame.


  • No no no! I most certainly never said it was *good*! I said it was addictive (but, like heroin, meth, and cocaine, this doesn’t make it any *good*) and that I found myself continuously going back to it, even though it gave me hand cramps and the song selection was pretty bad. And the only reason why I kept going back to it was because I’m mad about Guitar Hero and was determined to beat Paramore’s “Crush Crush Crush” on Expert with 100%.

    Is it worth the $20? If you’ve got a teeny tiny lady-hand and need a distraction from CityRail, then yes. Otherwise, no.

  • Start the new and latest crave of getting RSI doing crazy things like playing that game on the DS on the train and looking like a complete twat whilst commuting… No thanks, already spent too much on pre-orders as it is.
    Nice change… if there was spare money to splurg

    • I try not to think about what a dickhead I look like when I’m playing it on the train. It helps me sleep better at night.

  • Given that I’ve been interested in GH or RB but don’t have a console other than the DS to play it on, I think I’ll pay a visit to DJs tomorrow 🙂 Checked out the song list and I know and like most of the songs there, which I guess is a bonus.

    Incidentally, I presume this is for all DJs stores, not just NSW (I’m in Vic)?

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