Bargain Hunter: Is Guitar Hero DS Worth Twenty Bucks?

The handheld version of Guitar Hero never struck me as a great idea, despite Activision's best efforts to make it work with their crazy-arse glove accessory.

But my Kotaku colleague Tracey claims it's pretty damn good. She's actually been playing it a lot on the train recently, but given the state of Sydney trains I'm not sure if that should be taken as a ringing endorsement.

Still, David Jones - of all places - have Guitar Hero On Tour for DS on sale for $19.95 right now, until September 13. I'm not entirely convinced, but at twenty bucks it seems like a reasonable risk to take.

And, hey, if it sucks, you know who to blame.


    Just not if you've got a DSi!

    it's actually not all that bad, but it is stupidly easy

    No no no! I most certainly never said it was *good*! I said it was addictive (but, like heroin, meth, and cocaine, this doesn't make it any *good*) and that I found myself continuously going back to it, even though it gave me hand cramps and the song selection was pretty bad. And the only reason why I kept going back to it was because I'm mad about Guitar Hero and was determined to beat Paramore's "Crush Crush Crush" on Expert with 100%.

    Is it worth the $20? If you've got a teeny tiny lady-hand and need a distraction from CityRail, then yes. Otherwise, no.

      thats why my sister and girlfriend love it so much :D haha

        I'd still choose regular Guitar Hero over On Tour any day, though. On Tour only gets points for being portable. :)

      Yeah of course you would. Regular guitar hero is really fun - I have my doubts on a portable version, but for 20 bucks I'll try it out.

    Start the new and latest crave of getting RSI doing crazy things like playing that game on the DS on the train and looking like a complete twat whilst commuting... No thanks, already spent too much on pre-orders as it is.
    Nice change... if there was spare money to splurg

      I try not to think about what a dickhead I look like when I'm playing it on the train. It helps me sleep better at night.

    Given that I've been interested in GH or RB but don't have a console other than the DS to play it on, I think I'll pay a visit to DJs tomorrow :) Checked out the song list and I know and like most of the songs there, which I guess is a bonus.

    Incidentally, I presume this is for all DJs stores, not just NSW (I'm in Vic)?

    Time to call in some favors at David Jones

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