Bargain Hunter: Scrounge Some Caps On Fallout 3 GOTY

Bargain Hunter: Scrounge Some Caps On Fallout 3 GOTY

For those unaware, the Fallout 3 Game Of The Year edition comes out in a couple of weeks. October 15, to be precise.

It bundles together the original game plus the five DLC episodes – Operation Anchorage, The Pitt, Broken Steel, Point Lookout and Mothership Zeta – all in the one box. It’s coming for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

The RRP is $99.95. But CDWow are flogging it right now for $66.95 on console and $60.05 on PC. That’s about what you’d pay just for the DLC if you bought them individually over PSN and Live.

Some saps (like me) have spent nearly $200 on Fallout 3 all told. So yeah, this is a pretty good deal.


  • It’s worth mentioning that I read on the Playstation blog in response to the announcement of the DLC coming to PS3 that saves from the regular version will work with the GOTY version on PS3.

    Since Broken Steel is on the PSN for $15.95 I assume the rest will be priced the same. That puts the total cost of the DLC to a whopping $79.75. Considering I only paid about $50 to import a copy from the UK that is outrageously high. In fact, even if I bought a new copy here for $99 paying another $80 seems incredibly steep.

    If I decide I want to play this DLC some day after all the other games I’m currently playing are finished I’ll likely just import the GOTY edition of the game and save myself some cash.

  • Hold on.. the PS3 version of GOTY will be released on Oct 15 as well? Meaning that it will be available on disc before DLC? hmmm I might buy the GOTY edition instead of the DLC then…

  • Wicked – been waiting to buy the game myself. I’ve resulted in hiring or borrowing from a friend. Mostly cause i didn’t have the money at launch then I always thought a GOTY would come out and it’s not like an online game where the most you get out is the first few months cause thats when most people are online etc… this has playability for years to come.

    Probably gonna get this now then. So you pay now and then when the release date comes, they send it out? Or do they have copies right now and sending them already??

    ALSO: With the GOTY once you finish the game without playing the DLC on the other disc, all you gotta do is put the DLC disc in, download the content onto hard drive & then the option to explore the wasteland becomes available?? Would that be right?

  • Well I sure am glad I traded in my (PS3)non-GOTY edition in at JB last week for $38.
    If (as mentioned above) the DLC on it’s own would cost $79.75 and JB does its normal game launch price of $80 I could effectively get all the DLC for roughly half price, even less if I get it off CDWow!(well, that’d result in me basically paying $28.95 for ALL the DLC)
    *goes to CDWow*

    • Well, if you do go to JB, which you would be stupid considering its FREE SHIPPING for CDWOW with Fallout 3 GOTY (don’t know if it all games are free shipping), well anyway, good luck at JB getting it for $80.

      Firstly, its GOTY. I understand Fable II isn’t like $100 but not as many DLC as Fallout 3. Secondly, its Fallout 3 and it had that rough patch in Australia with publishing rights and for a time was really hard to find cause of limited copies. That affected the price.

      My JB still sells normal Fallout 3 at $115. Thats the most ive seen at JB. AND Oblivion is still about $100. They do this to big games that are GOTY and have alot of content. So i don’t expect to see F3 GOTY at anything under $99 at JB. It’s weird how its RRP is $99 listed in this article yet JB can sell Standard edition at $115, weird. Oh and i don’t except MW2 at $80 at launch neither.

      Dave, any idea when we will receive GOTY edition. When will they ship it etc… will we receive it on launch date or what?

      • Yeah, CDWow is probably the best option.

        My point being that JB had Fallout 3 for $80 at launch (I think) and then after a month or something they crank the price back up…

        I think I’ll go in later this afternoon and ask when/how much they’re getting the GOTY edition in. (and write back here with that)

        The reason I was planning to get it at JB is that I have the $38 store credit for trading the normal addition in, but I’ll just use that for moosik I think.

  • Will this still work with a save game from original FO3?

    I was gonna trade in the original for this, instead of downloading all the DLC.

    • I am under the impression the GOTY is 2 discs – i read it somewhere when i first heard of the GOTY edition. But i could be wrong, the site was only speculating what it will be like.

      I would say you will be fine in accessing your game save. I mean its the same game with the DLC imbedded into it (if it’s all on one disc).

      Perhaps look into Oblivion GOTY. Was that One disc with all content or 2 discs and the DLC is separate and you just copy it onto HDD. I’m sure they will copy what they did with Oblivion.

  • Well, can anyone help me with the pre-ordering on CDWOW! I can’t seem to see anything on their site about the info on it.

    Do i pay full price right now for Fallout 3 and then they send it out on the release date. Or will they send the game out if fully paid before the release in order to be delivered ON the release date or not too long after it, say 2 days or so????

    How does their pre-ordering work?

  • Fallout 3 GOTY will be different SKU to Fallout 3, this explains price difference. It may or may not lead to promo price for original disc to sellthru.

    Oblivion GOTY is a platinum title- under $50 RRP- just so you know. Clever clogs.

  • even cheaper now just $55 for the consoles – i bought it for $66 the day before you wrote this article, back then I thought the price of $66 was a mistake and jumped on it!

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