Bargain Hunter: Should I Collect This Loot?

shiren the wanderer picI have a weakness for Roguelike RPGs. SEGA's Shiren the Wanderer has tempted me on the few occasions I've actually seen it at my local games store. Maybe this is the deal I've been waiting for.

EB has a big sale on at the moment. A bunch of stuff is reduced to "under $46".

But the one that immediately jumped out at me is Shiren the Wanderer for just nine bucks.

Worth it?


    Especially if, like myself, you liked Izuna.
    I paid full price for it and haven't regretted it.
    $9 is insane.

    I found Castlevania Order of Ecclesia for $30 brand new at JB! I couldn't believe my eyes when I found it. That game never goes for under $69.

    Spend your lunch break buying and playing this, instead of grabbing something to eat. It will have already paid for itself.

    I've spend $9 on far worse... :P

    Best bargains I saw yesterday were at Katoomba K-mart, PS3 Guitar Hero III with wireless guitar for $45, all other GH titles for $40 and all PS2 Singstar games for under $30.

    What's shiren like? I've never heard of it.

    awesome game.

    Get Shiren the Wandered number 2 if possible. The developers addressed a lot of the complaints in number 1 in particularly the death penalty.

    Shiren the Wanderer isn't a Roguelike?

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