Bargain Hunter: The Revolution Will Be Incentivised

Bargain Hunter: The Revolution Will Be Incentivised

Red Faction: Guerrilla is pretty awesome. You’d know that if you own a PS3 or Xbox 360. PC gamers can now find out for themselves as it comes out this week.

And when it does, take a look at the deal on offer at CDWow right now.

Red Faction: Guerrilla for $36.95, including free delivery? Yes, please.

I dare you to find a better price than that.


  • Damn, i thought it was console versions! Haha..
    Ah well..

    BTW.. Dave.. That Harvey Norman deal that was posted yesterday, are they the new Elites. Not “NEW” but, the ones that aren’t meant to be on sale til Sept. 22??? And they will have Jasper correct? But no HDMI?

    • The product listing says they include an HDMI cable. The new Elites do not. But this doesn’t mean they aren’t Jaspers.

      • Do you know if the Elites that are being released on Sept 22 with the new RRP are any different? Obviously no blu-ray or anything extreme.

        But specs wise or motherboard anything like that?? Somone did mention their new Elite was so silent compared to other models. Or is that just the work of Jasper and the newer hardware MS have installed last year to newer models?

  • Yep, the elites they’re dropping in price, will still be jaspers, they just don’t come with the HDMI cable in the box, you have to buy it seperately.

    • Sorry for the double post, the ‘noise’ you/they’re referring to is actually the DVD drive, the new drives in all the new 360s are really silent, the old ones used to sound like helicopters.

  • SO really.. MS took they Elites off the shelves, just to get rid of all the Pro Model stock (which sold better than the Elites anyway) to then wipe off the Pro as the mode, reintroduce the Elite but at a cheaper price??

    All they have done is confused the heck out of me into thinking it was a newer model

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