Bargain Hunter: What’s the Best PS3 Slim Deal?

The PS3 Slim is out today. Sony recommends a retail price of $499 for it. But even though that’s $200 cheaper than the console used to be, it doesn’t mean you don’t want to save even more moneypoints.

The helpful chaps at Ecogamer have rounded up all the PS3 Slim deals they have found in Australia. They range from up to $30 off the RRP all the way up to $100 over the RRP when bundled with extra software.

Also listed are various trade-in deals at EB, GAME and the Gamesmen. Plus a few stores still flogging off existing PS3 Phat stock.

My advice? The Dick Smith deal offering a free copy of Batman: Arkham Asylum is still the best. But if you really don’t want Batman, you may prefer to save a few bucks elsewhere.

PS3 Slim Price Roundup Updated 3/09 – Release Day Deals! [Ecogamer]


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