BioShock 2 Multiplayer Trailer

Be honest. Put aside the "oh art doesn't need multiplayer" argument and tell me: does this look fun? Like, enough fun to make you stop playing your multiplayer shooter of choice, and play this instead? Remember: be honest.


    Honestly that does not look like much more fun than TF2 or CoD or Halo. I'll wait till I see some game modes but at the moment i'll still be considering it a singleplayer title.

    Looks kinda lame for a game that takes itself so seriously.

    But lets pretend it isn't Bioshock, well looks better than TF2. But i can't help but think it will be a bomb online after a month or so.

    I reckon the Big Daddy will be a Killstreak reward, similar to Call of Duty Helicopter etc...

    Not a chance this will take me away from my nightly TF2 game..

    I do like how it looks.
    I'm not convinced that it'll be a major multiplayer game of the year, but it still looks like heaps and heaps of plasmid gun play fun.

    mmmmm big daddy

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