Blizzard "Looking Into" Aussie StarCraft II Servers

That's the word, according to Blizzard's Rob Pardo. They're "looking into" it, although there is nothing to announce right now.

IGN AU caught up with Pardo over at Blizzcon and pressed him on the topic of local servers for Australian StarCraft II players.

"We are looking into it. There's been lots of discussion going on, nothing to announce right now, but I know that – especially with the Australian audience growing the way it is – that it's something we're seriously going to consider."

The previously announced lack of LAN play with StarCraft II means that all online games need a direct connection to, a situation that could potentially result in unpalatable lag unless local servers are in place.

Check out the IGN article for more thoughts on the issue, both from Pardo and the Aussie gamers attending Blizzcon.

Servers Please! [IGN AU]


    in my experience, 'looking into it' generally means 'we'd like you to think we'll do it, but it's just not going to happen'

      Or they'll be "Alright, done."

      And it'll be oceanic servers not actually hosted anywhere near here.

      Correct, he was asked on the spot and thats a generic, neutral response which translates to "No"

    With no LAN there damn well better be, but considering there are no Australian hosted WoW servers, I'm going to call this one as a no.

    Speaking of Dedicated servers any news on the 360 version of BF:1943's servers?

    My guess is that if they're going to consider physical Starcraft II oceanic servers, it won't be a stretch to also offer it for WoW also -- having two games on offer would make the capital commitment easier to justify.

    We can put these along side the BF1943 servers.

    Ah yes because we all know game developers love Australia....

    Considering their stance on wow for the last 5 years, looking into it definitely means no, just a way to appease the masses.

    I have a strong feeling that Starcraft 2 will be peer to peer like pretty much every other RTS game made (including all of Blizzard's other ones). With this in mind, I dont really see what "Australian Servers" would be... authentication servers? We can authenticate to America fine, lag isnt an issue.

    Unless I'm missing something?

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