Blizzard's Next MMO Will Be "Significantly Different"

Blizzard can't work on World of Warcraft forever. Eventually, they'll release a new MMO. And when they do, apparently it'll be "significantly different" to their current world-destroying cash machine.

"I think the (new MMO) is going to be significantly differentiated enough [from WoW] ," Blizzard's COO Paul Sams told Wired. "Such that, you're not going to feel like they're one and the same resulting in that you have to pick or choose".

Ah, so you mean, those hopelessly addicted to WoW can, instead of abandoning the game, double up and become addicted to it and the new MMO? Sure there'll be millions of WoW widows/widowers out there just thrilled to hear that.

Q&A: Blizzard COO Says New MMO ‘Significantly Different' From Warcraft [Wired]


    Either Blizzard predict that WoW is coming to an end, and sales/subscriptions will eventually die off, or their simply throwing this new MMO out there so players will get addicted to two MMO's and increase blizzard's cash flow.

      Chances are your probably right about them having people playing both MMO's, with Star Craft 2 being released in 3 parts and Diablo 3 many potential upgrades blizzard will be really raking in the money(Grinding if you will)... hmmm do they have any stock holdings

        Sadly, their stock is in vivendi, not sure if you want to invest in vivendi.

    Or more they're trying to capture those who don't really dig the whole fantasy theme. A (good) MMOFPS maybe?

    What do you think the odds are for a complete new IP from Blizzard after these sequels coming out in the next couple of years?

    Not that I'm complaining, if there were only one company I wouldn't mind making endless sequels of their existing IPs it'd probably be Blizzard.

      Or Eidos Interactive... and Tomb Raider.

      That's right, I went there.

    they should make wow subscription free after the new one comes out

      Because love and fluffy bunnies will pay the enormous costs of running enough hardware to service 11 million players, right?

    Isn't this exactly what Blizzard said last time they commented on the new MMO? Isn't this ALL they've said about it for the last two or three years?

    Seems like Blizzard likes to eighter create futuristic games or "historical" games (WoW). Lets hope the next great game they release will be closer to our existant presence in time!

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