Blockbuster Closing Up To 960 Stores

Hope you don't rely too much on your local Blockbuster for game rentals, because the company have announced plans to close up to 960 stores by the end of next year, CNET reports.

Right now, there are around 7000 stores worldwide, but many of those aren't too profitable, so they're being shut down. By the end of the year, 280-300 stores will be gone, with the rest to come throughout 2010.

Sad? Course you're not. The death of physical stores renting physical copies of games (and movies!) will be a slow, painful and protracted one, and this is just part of the process.

Blockbuster to shutter up to 960 stores [CNET]


    Blockbuster Australia has no ties with Blockbuster US. All Australian stores are franchised therefore this has no reference to the Australian Market.

    Except that the closest 3 blockbusters near me shut down years ago lol. Not much money in them these days. probably why Ezydvd is turning into a dvd store that sells as much as it rents

    Pretty sure EzyDVD went bankrupt and was going to close down but mysteriously opened up a month or a few months later.

    They can't be doing too well neither. They will shut down next.

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