Boozehounds Get First Crack At The Beatles: Rock Band

MTV Games and Harmonix are officially embracing the weekly Rock Band night at your local pub, backing an initiative known as Rock Band Bar Nights to help promote watering holes who host such regular events.

The folks behind Rock Band appear to be taking the opportunity seriously, with a series of promotional tools to highlight Rock Band Bar Nights registered businesses. These include a Bar Night exclusive e-commerce store, online friendliness via the Rock Band Facebook and Twitter accounts and "exclusive Rock Band product offerings."

The first of those offerings is a five song disc preview of The Beatles: Rock Band, available only to Rock Band Bar Nights participants. It's just a week away and a five song rotation will quickly wear thing amongst drunkards, but it's something!

Coming later are some online tools that will help fans of drinking alcohol close to a copy of Rock Band find locations that offer this combination. MTV Games will release "an online application searchable by zip code and a mobile version available for download as a free iPhone application" so you're never too far away from knowing where the nearest Rock Band bar night is.

As a fan of imbibing and making an arse of myself on stage, this is great news.

Kotaku AU Note: Only for North America, sadly. Still, at least we don't have to drink their crap beer.


    Amen...Aussie beer ftw

    Hi Michael,
    I have been conversing via email with MTV Games and Harmonix to hold a license to promote the rock band nights here in Oz. Do you know of anyone who is doing so presently? i can be contacted at [email protected] , thanks mate. My business is basd in Brisbane and on the gold Coast, where i think this will take off!

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