UK Seeking Wii Ambassadors, Giving Away Virtual Console Games

Nintendo UK must be having trouble getting Wii owners to realise that the machine can be connected to the internet, because they're launching an incentive program aimed at doing just that.

It's called the "Connection Ambassador Promotion", and rewards people with 500 Wii Points for every new console connected to the internet: 500 points for the person recommending the service to a friend (the ambassador), and 500 points for the person actually connecting.

Sounds...well, OK. But the deal actually gets pretty sweet if you manage to convince 10-20 people. Get 10 people signed up and you'll be able to download all first-party NES games for free. Get 20 and you can download every single Nintendo game on the Virtual Console free of charge, whether it be on NES, SNES or N64.


    Theres a BIG catch along the way... look out for the * on the adverts for this "promotion".

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