Brutal Legend And Forza Demos

Two highly anticipated demos make their way onto Xbox Live today, with Brutal Legend escaping from preorder exclusive hell and Forza 3 edging closer to the finish line.

Free up some hard disk space as two of the most eagerly awaited games get their demo on. The heavy metal action of the Brutal Legend demo is heavy indeed, weighing in at 2GB, but what's contained on that 2GB should be well worth the space, with the entire opening chapter laid bare on a stone altar to be sacrificed to the dread demon lords or something.

Twice the speed will cost you only half the space, with the Forza Motorsport 3 demo delivering 1GB of 60fps racing goodness. It's worth noting that the Forza 3 demo is an Xbox Live gold subscriber exclusive, so if you aren't paying for Xbox Live, this is the price you pay. Patience!

One of these demos should be making it onto the PlayStation Network soon as well. Hint: it's not the one published by Microsoft.


    isnt that a picture from GRIP?

    Yeah that GRiD not Forza.

    Brutal legend is only for those with a Pre-purchase code.

    Kinda sucks that only those that have already committed to buy the game get to play the demo. I mean, where's the logic in that? Demo is suppose to entice gamers to want to buy the game!

      I think the exclusivity was only last week. It's up for all users this week.

      Agreed, it's so stupid....

    The Brütal Legend demo was for pre-orders in the US, but has now been "opened up" to "all xbox live gold subscribers". As long as those subscribers are in the US.

    For everyone else it's 1 October. That includes: gold members anywhere not in the US, silver members in the US, and PSN users. Source @brutallegend on twitter. They've been getting a *lot* of queries after saying the demo would be open on the 24th, and then it turning out that was... misleading.

    I don't think it was intentional on the part of their PR person, but it'd be nice if they communicated better with each other within the company.

    And I agree with francis- what is the point of a demo for someone who has already said they'll purchase the game? I thought the demo was to try and convince fence sitters they wanted to buy it as well. Oh well. Not quite as objectionable as including extra content in special editions as single-use DLC instead of on the game disc.

    2GB wtf!

    I dont give a crap about the opening cutscene. It's already been posted on here in worded description so it can wait if you buy the game!

    They really need to make these demos smaller in size, even it means cutting down the amount you play in it. It just sucks!

    Forza 3 has terrific graphics, except for on the back of the car, above the number plate the reflection of the sun is terrible. Apart from that, amazing.

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