Call Of Duty 4, Meet Star Wars

Dark Forces & Battlefront fans, you may want to watch this clip from Galactic Warfare, an upcoming Star Wars mod for Call of Duty 4.

Oh, sorry, I just called it a "mod". It's not just a "mod", it's a total conversion, meaning the entire game - from handling to graphics to the menus - is being overhauled and given a Star Wars theme.

Galactic Warfare is the work of German modding powerhouse the blackMonkeys, and you can also check out some screens below.

[Galactic Warfare @ blackMonkeys]


    Looks like CS with star wars skins...

    Yeah those are some pretty ugly CS style maps. I think one of the defining features of COD4 was impressive detail in levels, in most games lying down prone is just inviting yourself to be shot, but in COD4 you can actually hide this way pretty easily. Also I have to way the guns look more COD4 than star wars, maybe they're supposed to be super-realistic style laser weapons, but they dont look much like blasters.

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