Can You Name These Famous Game Designer Faces?

As seen on custom illustration site Facemakr.


    1. Shigeru Miyamoto
    2. Peter Molyneux
    3. Gabe Newell
    4. John Carmack


    Guy to the right,Sony OR Nintendo head honcho and 3rd guy is the STEAM (Or Valve) Head honcho (Micheal gabe?

    god damn gabe newell makes an ugly bobble head.

    Well the first one is Jackie Chan, third one is Drew Carey in a wig.

    No idea about the others.

      i lol'd and how can no one recognise Shigeru Miyamoto? He's the father of all video games!

    Ahh, lol, I know the last three easily, but I guessed that the first one was the Metal Gear Solid chap... ummm... Hideo Kojima?

    That's a bad Miyamoto... he has longer hair (well recently he has had longer hair)

    i got the first 2

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