Capcom Seeks Suggestions For Next Vs. Title

Whether joking or serious, Capcom-Unity's asked for input on what its next Vs. game should be, and that sets everyone to wondering if one really is in the works. They're offering a meagre bounty for the best-reasoned suggestion.

Winner gets "precisely 12% of the swag in Seth's "random Capcom swag" box. You can supply yours at Capcom-Unity. But it's kind of pointless because I've already thought of the winner: Stephen J. Cannell vs. Capcom. You need a franchise with a huge stable of classic action heroes, right? With this you get all four members of the A-Team; The Greatest American Hero; Ken Wahl in Wiseguy; Jim Rockford from The Rockford Files; Fred Dryer in Hunter; Johnny Depp in his 21 Jump Street Days, plus Hardcastle ... and McCormick.

Bam, it's like printing money. I can't believe I'm still here pitching this to you and you're not already working on it, Capcom. Get moving, we can talk about my residuals later.

Capcom vs. (Insert Idea Here) [Capcom-Unity; image from Capcom-Unity]


    Final Fantasy vs. Capcom



        It's been done.
        Namco x Capcom

    Blizzard VS Capcom
    Valve VS Cacpom ( tf2vscapcom?)

    How can i be the first to say Marvel Vs Capcom 3! Come on Capcom? Is it to expensive for the rent on Marvel chars or can we just do it already.

    Midway vs Capcom.

    I can't be the only person that wants to see a MK vs Street Fighter game can I?

    I'm going with Capcom vs KoF vs Tekken vs Virtual Fighter vs Soul Calibur

    or... a silly option... Capcom vs Nintendo... it has a ring to it

    Dark Horse Comics Vs Capcom. ;)

    Dh Lineup:
    - Hellboy
    - Concrete
    - Predator
    - Alien
    - Conan
    - Groo
    - The Goon
    - The Maxx
    - Grendel
    - Madman Comics guy
    - The Flaming Carrot

      The Maxx is Image comics. ;)

      That being said, Image Vs Capcom would be win, for I could have a team with Spawn and Sakura in it. =D

    + 1 for Midway vs Capcom

    Capcom vs RoTW FTW!

    I am so all for Capcom vs Midway (i'm sure we've all seen the Ryu vs Scorpion fan made video's)
    but i would like to see RARE vs CAPCOM.

    the Killer Instinct characters would be sweet. They even have a similar mechanic what with F,D, DF + Punch etc. and Charge moves.

    Come on. Capcom vs DC vs Sesame Street. Then you could make the best team ever, Morrigan, Batman and the Count. :P

    Capcom vs Terminator.

    can have the T-800, T-600, T-1, T-X, T-1000 haha.

    Capcom vs Rock of Love (VH1 show with Bret Michaels & 20 out of control females competing for his affection).

    Capcom vs Gods.

    Ridiculous amounts of ancient world gods available with almost no copyright issues!

    Capcom vs Guitar Heroes.

    Even I haven't got a clue how that would work..

    I guess that makes it all the more interesting.

    Arc System Works vs. Capcom.

    Imagine the roster for this one! You've got the Guilty Gear series, Battle Fantasia and BlazBlue to pick from. Plus, they also did a Fist of the North Star fighting game in 07, so you could potentially squeeze one or two characters from that in there.

    To be honest, I mostly want this for the opportunity for Ryu vs. Sol Badguy matchups. But the other possible character matchups would be pretty sweet.

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