Casting Call For "Contra Bros." Bomberman, Tetris Pieces...

Someone's doing a shoot in LA "for a commercial that will show all over the internet on game related sites", and their list of needs includes everything but the kitchen sink. Not that there's anything wrong with kitchen sink cosplay.

"Do you have a passion for acting AND gaming? Do you have a costume emulating your favourite video game hero?" the ad asks. Me, my answers were no, yes and no. But if yours are yes, yes and YES!!!! they'd love to have you, especially if you can play as one of 67 (really) character types.

Here's a sampling (all of this is sic'd):

5. Canadian Mountie 14. Killer Fish 15. Evil Russian 17. Princess (a la "Super Mario"...but ruined party girl feel to her....also "Fat Princess") 18. Hand & Forearm (FPS gag) 19. Contra Bros. 22. Laura Croft (with "white trash" inspiration thrown in there) 23. Protoype/Assasin's Creed guy with hoodie hiding his face 25. Indian guy from Mike Tyson's PUNCH OUT 28. Asteroid/Space Invaders 32. Pitfall/Indian Jones/Nathan Drake (Uncharted) 41. Russian Mafia/Leisure Suit Larry (sleeze-ball look) 44. Bomberman/Dig-dig 47. Tetris piece 49. Little creepy girl (FEAR, BioShock, Silent Hill) 51. Nazi 61. DDR/Singstar pop-people 66. Fairy tale inspired/Cooking Mama cuteness

Can I cosplay a hand and forearm? Let me think about that for a second. Pulling off cosplay as a vector-graphics asteroid would be a smidge difficult. I'm also guessing that's not one of the speaking roles. And Contra Bros., I don't know when that game is releasing, but here's $U5, mark me down for a preorder. Actor? Gamer? Both? Casting for a Commercial ((west LA)) [Craigslist via Superannuation]


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