Celebrate A WW2 Disaster With Free Achievement Points!

Operation Market Garden, an Allied aerial assault on the Muese and Rhine rivers during the Second World War, was a disaster. Thousands killed, thousands captured. So let's celebrate its anniversary with free achievement points!

Yes, if you drop a copy of Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway (which depicts events from Market Garden, obviously) into your 360 and sign into Xbox Live before midnight (so while it's still September 17), you'll be rewarded with 50 GP. You don't even have to play the game, just spin up the disc.

You stay classy, Ubisoft.

[Major Nelson @ Twitter]


    D*MMIT! I had a reminder in my phone yesterday to do this, except I wasn't at home when it went off!!!! BLAST!!

      Are you that desperate for Achievement points? L-O-L

      I mean its good to have a high GS to be like, yeah STFU now. But the only way i will understand your "pain" from not getting the 50GSP is if you are tied with someone for the most GSP ever and they get the 50 and you don't and its now impossible for you to have more than the other.

      Chances of that, nil.

    Well thanks guys! But totally pointless timing!

    "Celebrate A WW2 Disaster With Free Achievement Points!

    By Luke Plunkett on September 18, 2009 at 1:30 PM"

    "into Xbox Live before midnight (so while it’s still September 17)"

    Uhh. It was meant to be for just the 17th but you post today "oh yeah better get in before midnight!" yeah so THE POINT of telling us late?!

      Annoying timezone difference with the US is annoying.

        Fair enough but when I type in 'kotaku.com.A -freakin-U', I expect to get aussie shit in aussie times. Otherwise I may aswell not waste .5 of a second typing .au lol.

      yes the timezone difference is annoying, but also something you can abuse, I just changed my 360 timezone to Hawaii where it was Sept 17th, 10pm - started up the game and got the achievement. Done and done.

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