China Rips Off Pokemon, Naruto And Digimon

The country's state-run television channel China Central Television is airing an anime that appears to be ripping off Japan's Pokémon, Naruto and Digimon franchises.

This is not the first time Japanese anime has been copied by Chinese broadcasts, reports website Record China. Both Crayon Shin-chan and animated film 5 Centimeters Per Second has been reworked for Chinese viewers without permission or proper attribution.

This latest "borrowing" is a Chinese anime about dinosaurs that heavily borrows characters and plot line from Pokémon, Naruto and Digimon.

When asked about the anime, those in charge at the government's CCTV replied that the issue was with the actual company the produced this Chinese anime. What's more, CCTV didn't seem to think this rip-off was so bad. "This is a rip off?," a spokesperson at the channel added. "What's being called a rip? What's being called a copy? Please think first, then talk."

Since September 2006, foreign anime has been banned on Chinese television between 5am and 8am — prime time for kids. This decision on the part of the Chinese government is to improve the domestic anime business.

中国TV局がまたまた日本アニメをパクる!今度は「ナルト」や「ポケモン」-中国 [Record China via>Livedoor]


    I'm starting to suspect Brian here is ripping off a particular site with all these type of stories.

    That's China for you.
    Same applies to some games you might see coming from China. I remember one MMORPG 'made' by a company in China that used slightly-edited sprites of Ragnarok Online and other such games.

      It's a sad thing. They have proven that they have the necessary skill and capital to create wonderful things.
      And of all the wonderful things out there, they choose to rip off these three? I mean, I do enjoy Pokemon and Digimon (at least it doesn't take itself seriously)..
      Hopefully China will grow out of the copying phase and start producing their own stuff soon. I'm looking forward to seeing the awesome stuff they will do in the future.

    Hey i'd watch it,
    Just for the sheer hilarity of it ;)

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