Chinese Gamers, PO'd At MMO, Shut It Down

Hot Blooded Legend is not the name of a skinflick, but rather, one of the most beloved online games in China. Last week, its publisher released a "nostalgia edition" of the game, and players revolted against the make-a-buck rehash.

On Aug. 28, hundreds of them, feeling that publisher Shanda used "false advertising" to "take advantage of their feelings," began massing at the virtual city walls and gates, preventing entry. The game administrators retaliated, hurling them to far places on the game's map, or tossing them into "the black room" of its chat suite.

In that screengrab above, here are some of the comments of irate players:

"Gimme back my Legend, gimme back my Legend, gimme back my Legend, gimme back my Legend" "Protest Protest We've been cheated Protest Protest We've been cheated" "Is this the 2002 Legend? Isn't is supposed to be 'original flavor'? They are deceiving the players. Gimme back my Legend, I will block to my death" "Die Die Die Die Die Die Die Die Die Die Die Die Die Die Die Die Die Die Die Die Die Die Die Die Die Die Die Die" "Boycott Shanda. Fuck [Shanda owner]Chen Tianqiao to death. Gimme back my original Legend."

The rest of the story, as written in the Chengdu Commercial Daily, tells of player Chu Yu and the hours he poured into the game, and the visceral memories he has of his experiences in it. He eventually goes to university and begins a career, leaving the game behind. Returning to Legend, Chu Yu finds he cannot enter any cities to play, but this doesn't cause outrage or sadness.

"Were you involved in blocking today? You were not blocking the city gates. You were blocking your own loneliness out!" Chu Yu smiled and thought about the purple-dressed figure flowing in his heart. He made up his mind that he was going to leave for good. He will never turn back.

The Legend Returns [East South North West via BoingBoing]


    Is this the first recorded instance of a riot against administration in a MMORPG?

    Here's my two cents and one really devious one at it too... Virtual Tianmen Square v1.4!
    I can't wait for the D-bomb to be dropped XD
    (Side Note: D-bomb = the word democracy in case anyone doesn't know)
    It even comes complete with mysterious guy with the shopping bags! Less, the mystery... and the shopping bags, but at least it is a guy (hopefully)...

    Let's see the Chinese government attempt to block my comments

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