Choose Your Hero In Borderlands

Meet the good and bad guys, and gals, of Borderlands. I'd like to get a good look at them, but thanks to the cuts and the black-flashes it doesn't linger on anything for more than 0.78 seconds.

Game still looks great though. Pity about the censored stamps covering up all those sweet, sweet headshots.

Borderlands Character Trailer [GameTrailers]


    Sweet. I cannot get enough of this game & it's not even released yet. Let alone been reviewed entirely.

    Nah i agree with the makers to CENSOR the headshots & body parts flying. I want my first headshot to be special.. lol

    THE ONLY problem i could possibly have with this game is BRICK. His character is so cliche and just eh. Probably a character i won't play as. I think for a game that has "A bazillion guns" they really shouldn't show Brick using his fists to beat up enemies and proves further why i won't be playing as him because i really don't WANT to use melee in game like this.

    Not only that, his characters shape physically looks kinda stupid. For some reason i get a sense of Brute Force when i see all 4 of them working together. Especially if the chick can go invisible of some sort, she has red hair too like the chick in BF. 4 player co-op and lots of guns.

    what's the name of the background song?

      "what’s the name of the background song?"

      Ain't No Rest For The Wicked, by Cage The Elephant

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