City Of Heroes Just Got A Lot More Colourful

Heroes and villains can now take each other out with all the colours of the wind as the latest free update for City of Heroes, Issue Power Spectrum, goes live.

Power Spectrum isn't all about changing the colour of your character's powers. The new update also brings a new scalable difficulty system for missions, a new and improved side-kick system, and more powersets available to more archetypes! Okay, it's pretty much all about changing the colour of your powers. NCsoft is thrilled to finally be implementing the feature. Just ask senior lead designer Matt "Positron" Miller.

"We are thrilled to be able to deliver yet another major player-requested feature with Power Spectrum," said Matt Miller, Senior Lead Designer for the City of Heroes franchise. "We aim to build the most customizable gameplay experience in any MMO for our players. Adding Powers customisation to our genre-defining character creator, as well as user-generated content through Mission Architect, shows we are willing and able to give our players what they want."

But what if they want love? Can you give them that, Matt "Positron" Miller? The next free update should be the side-switching Going Rogue, but after that we expect love.


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