Concept: Xbox 1080 Portable Looks Like Blaster From Transformers

OK, not literally, but enough that Soundwave's Autobot colleague was the first thing I thought of. Him, or a shower radio.

But that's not negative space at top, or a handle. It's the screen of an "Xbox 1080" portable concept created by Carl Archambeault of Milwaukee, so standard concept disclaimers—not real, does not function, is not commissioned or endorsed by the company—apply. It's still a cool imagining of a Microsoft entry into the portable market. But they haven't done it and, considering the Zune, probably for good reason.

Xbox 1080 Portable Video and Music Device [ via Destructoid]


    Interesting idea, but it looks like it would be incredibly uncomfortable/awkward to use.
    Needs some more development before the design can be handed to Ben Heck to build ;)

    holy crap, that thing looks horrible!

    May god have mercy on us all...

    Wow. At first in the thumbnail before reading the title I thought that was some new children's/baby's cassette player. The musical note button doesn't help.

    Headed in the right direction I guess. Needs to look less like an infants toy though. Also, the left thumbstick and d-pad need to be switched.

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