Conchords Claim Three Songs OTW To Rock Band

When Jemaine Clement deadpans that Flight of the Conchords, the outrageous music/comedy duo who just missed an Emmy last night, has three tunes coming to Rock Band, I have two reactions: "Oh, B.S.," and "God, I hope so."

The Emmys' red carpet is a weird place to drop a bomb like that, and the interviewer's reaction leads one to believe a publicist didn't plant the question ahead of time. Of course, the interviewer's also completely thrown off by the fact they "broke through security," to do the spot.

I have emailed Harmonix to ask what gives, if this is on the record, and if so, which tunes will be included. If this is true, and take it with a heaping helping of Morton's, "Business Time" and "Leggy Blonde" are lead-pipe locks.

Of course, Tenacious D is in the game, too, so it's not impossible. But one thing they teach in improv comedy is to always agree with what's been said - "Yes, and ..." - so that might be what's going on here.

[Thanks Ryan R. for the tip]


    I wish, but looking at the disdain they had for the interviewer, I'm assuming it was a joke.

      I agree, though it would be pretty sweet, can't get enough of these guys, classic.

    They were a crack-up! Especially since the interviewer was SUCH a douche!

    I hope this is true! I'll surely import a copy of RB2 for the dlc. =D

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