Create And Share Your Own 2D Sonic Levels has recently launched a flash version of the original Sonic the Hedgehog, complete with a level editor that allows fans to create, share, and play their own Sonic levels online.

The Sonic the Hedgehog level editor, a creation of Mediatonic, lets VIP members of PlaySega create Sonic levels relatively easily. Using a simple interface creators lay down scenery tiles, place obstacles and enemies, and set starting and ending points, resulting in a somewhat primitive but definitely playable Sonic the Hedgehog level.

The bad news? You can only create your own levels if you sign up for a VIP subscription to PlaySega, which starts at $US5.95 a month. The good news is that even free members can play the levels, and should you choose to upgrade, a three-month subscription for $US14.95 nets you the free Sega Saturn-styled PC controller, seen below.

Worth it?

Sonic the Hedgehog Level Player [PlaySega via GameSetWatch - Thanks Carolina!]


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