Cut Chemist Is In DJ Hero

Damnit, Activision. I've been down on DJ Hero since day one, not for its premise, but for its roster, the diversity of which seems to be a grand exercise in half-assery. Now that Cut Chemist is joining DJ Shadow, though...

Yes, it's been announced today that Cut Chemist will be appearing in the game. I know, he's done a lot of good stuff in his own right—The Audience's Listening is a masterpiece—but to me, he'll always be remembered as one half of the team behind Brainfreeze and Product Placement (the other being Shadow, who's already in the game).

Activision also announced today that J.Period will be in the game as well.

Cut Chemist, J.Period latest DJ Heroes [DJ Hero]


    Luke, Sorry but Fail stamp.
    DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist created a masterpiece in The Hard Sell. Cut Chemist is just as brilliant as DJ Shadow and I can think of a lot worse Disc Jockeys that could of been signed up.

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