Dark Void Community Site Encourages Cult Mentality

Capcom's new Dark Void community site works like a cult — they want you to recruit new "resistance members" for the cause...and for free stuff, too.

Members of the Dark Void site get access to the usually goodies—developer diaries, screenshots, production blogs—but it seems like they're really pushing the "missions" and recruit-a-friend stuff. Completing missions nets you points to spend on swag, prizes and "exclusive Dark Void swag you can't get anywhere else". Recruiting enough friends either wins you an Xbox 360, or just an Xbox 360 game — it depends which part of the site you read.

As far as swag goes, if it's they're giving away this jet pack, sweet. If it's just a bunch of t-shirts and keychains, I'd just as soon way for another PAX — although, hopefully the game will be out before then.

Check it out here.


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