Dead Rising 2: Behold The Rake Shotgun

We've got a quartet of videos showcasing some of the new weapons in Capcom's Dead Rising 2, but only one of them really matters. Ladies and gentlemen — the rake shotgun.

Don't get me wrong. The stick thingy, wheelchair and explosive footballs you'll find in the clips below all look...nice. It's just that they can't quite compare to stabbing a zombie with a rake, lifting him the air and then blowing him away with the attached shotgun. I'm not even sure if there is a better feeling in the world, and if there is, it should probably be heavily regulated.

Be sure to check out Crecente's hands-on with the game form the Tokyo Game Show for more things not as interesting as a rake taped to a shotgun.


    I could be wrong but I see the exploding football twice but no Rake shotgun?

    vids broken football twice no rake

    It would be nice if you'd actually SHOW US THE RAKE SHOTGUN. You have the football video posted twice there, but no rake shotgun.

    Cool, you didn't actually post the video for the rake shotgun though. Two videos of the football, 1 of wheelchair and 1 for a stick. Well done.

    And after watching it... I'm disappointed. I was expecting a shotgun that fired rakes, not a shotgun with a rake on the barrel that you stab zombies with =/

      Agreed Wooktree, I think the Rake Shotgun comes under the category of 'Most impractical weapons to use in a zombie horde'. Why would you? A shotguns a scatter weapon for christ sake. Why waste it up close like that??? And isn't that a pitchfork guys, not a rake? Either way, I can't see myself using that a lot myself in the game. The wheelchair with machineguns however...

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