Dead Rising 2 Contracts Antler Madness

Capcom released a solitary screen for Dead Rising 2 today. Just one! Then again, when it shows a guy in a full-leather riding suit mincing up zombies with antlers on his head, one is all you need.


    Great.... another zombie game that will get the ban.

      Based on THAT picture alone, the big red Refused Classification stamp is awaiting to be used...

      though, we know the Classification Board are inconsistent, so let's see them pass this and watch the whole of Australia blow up from illogic overload!

    Possibly banned.
    Depends on whether they are dead humans re-animated, or living humans affected with a virus of some kind.

    Is that a PS3 screen shot? The aliasing is terrible.

    the australian classifacation board arent idiots im damn certain that gears of war didnt get the ban due to the 100% chance that that would cause violent backlash (Riots) albiet nerd riots so theyd roll a 10 to cast lvl 6 affliction

    I was going to look up instructions for making bombs so I could teach the OFLC a lesson, then I remembered I couldn't because the government was censoring my internet...

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