Details On Left 4 Dead 2's Carnival Campaign

The wraps have been taken off Left 4 Dead 2's funland setting, with information on new special infected, settings, objectives and...clowns.

The campaign - Dark Carnival - takes place across a variety of locations, from a hillside to a hotel to the carnival itself, where Valve promises that some of the attractions will be actually functioning, and playable.

As far as new stuff goes, there's an electric guitar to use as a melee weapons, a clown zombie that's able to call other zombies over to him and a new special infected: the jockey. Who does what a jockey zombie would be expected to do, and jumps on a survivor's back. To ride them.

While a jockey is on a survivor's back, the player loses control, and is usually steered away from their pals and towards a horde of zombies.

Left 4 Dead 2's Dark Carnival unveiled [Eurogamer]


    The jockey SI sounds interesting. I wonder if it can ride survivors over edges. I think it's going to be a pretty powerful infected if used right.

    A clown zombie? Just when I thought clowns couldn't get worse...

    I bet the playable rides will be "attention" seekers for Zombies, just like smashing a car, etc was in the original.

    All players go on Ferris Wheel, makes lots of noise, while you're on there, Zombies are coming and jumping/smokers pulling you down.

    Would be pretty cool ;)

    the clown seems really cool as a part of the game for scares and great moments, but how does he work? Is it like a boomer that uses the horde as protection, pulling more and more zombies?? And if it pulls aggro on zombies then why is that a bad thing for players? If they are distracted then all the better. Unless it takes them away for a time and then returns when no one expects with its friends - there I see a ace up the sleeve.

    Also for vs mode maybe its an off hand way to control the horde?

    And another question, are the uncommon common's playable in Vs Mode??? Cause being the clown or the jockey would be badass

    OH **** YES.
    This sounds great, I always knew VALVe would pull though and make Left 4 Dead 2 Better than the original :D

    I nearly cried when i read the jockey rides you into a crowd of zombies! HAHAHA ITS BEAUTIFUL!

    Urgh, seriosly, how many PLAYABLE SI could there be in L4D2 now?! I know they design 1 special + different SI as an exclusive for each 5 campaigns (e.g. The Jockey = Dark Carnival, Mudmen = Swamp Fever?) but is it in the list of playable zombies or just some AI controlled zombies like those Witch before. Unless they intend to keep that 4vs4 idea from the previous one, it would seem unbalance to me, what's with only 4 survivors gone up against 2x their numbers of SI.

    That said, I won't reject if they DO make those new zombies playable, it's always been fun playing as the SI anyway, hm....

    If anyone does or doesnt have a xat then go to and say your from the left for dead site if you piss me off then you should leave >:]

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