Dexter Stalks The iPhone

Just in time to tide fans over until the launch of season four of the show later this month, today Marc Ecko Entertainment unleashes Dexter the Game for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Dexter the Game follows the general premise of the Dexter television show. You play Dexter Morgan, the serial killer who only kills those who deserve it. You guide Dexter as he gathers information about his prey, stalks them, and eventually kills them in his usual fashion. The game is presented as a 3D adventure, with graphics that really give the previous generation of iPhones a workout.

"We are thrilled to give iPhone and iPod Touch owners a way to experience DEXTER in a fresh, engaging way," said Len Fogge, Executive Vice President, Creative, Marketing, Research and Digital Media at Showtime Networks. "The minute you begin controlling him and hearing his innermost thoughts, you are completely engrossed."

Dexter the Game is now available for $7.99 in the iTunes App Store. As a bonus, anyone who purchases the game gets a code to enter them in a sweepstakes that could score them a walk-on role in season five of the show. Happy hunting!


    It would have been nice for the game to actually be about the suspicion, paranoia, and claustrophobia that the show presents. Once again, games focus on the outer conflict rather than the inner one. I sure am starting to lose hope in this medium.

    I want to play the game but I don't have an iPhone or Touch, I wish they would let you download and play this stuff on your Mac.

    The clips I have seen of this look good, I wish it wasn't iphone exclusive. Conversely, it's part of why I want an iPod Touch, so. :)

    I'd download this and play it at once if my iPod Touch 1st gen (yes, the grand-daddy of the new iPod Touches) wasn't so damned slow. It can barely handle Monopoly.

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