DJ Hero Controller Is Only For DJ Hero

The odd compatibility hiccup aside, when you buy a Rock Band guitar or a Guitar Hero drum kit, you expect it'll work on multiple games. Not so for the upcoming DJ Hero's peripheral.

"DJ Hero is DJ Hero", FreeStyleGames's Jamie Jackson told Destructoid. "If someone needed to use our controller, then they would basically have to rip our game off."

Funny, I bet Konami said the same thing over ten years ago.

DJ Hero controller not functional with other games [Dtoid]


    What about those guys that used their GH3 guitars to play some game I can't remember the name of that didn't involve scrolling notes? What if they want to scratch their way to glory instead of using something more appropriate? Seems a little harsh...

    You mean to say I won't be playing MW:2 with a plastic turntable!

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