Don't Like Black? Get Your PS3 Slim In Other Colours

While the old PS3 was released in black, white, even "gunmetal", the PS3 Slim is so far available in one colour: black. Or, at least that's the only colour available officially.

Console detailing specialists Colorware have announced that they're now taking orders for the PS3 Slim. As with the company's previous offerings, you can either send in your existing console (which costs $US149) or buy one from them directly, which goes for $US449.

Pricey, yes, but then, what price individuality?

PS3 Slim [Colorware, via Technabob]


    Half finished sentence, Luke?

    "...but then, what price individuality?"


    Personally i'd get one if it had the ol' Spiderman font on it... *Sigh*

    Not like this interests me, cause i have no plans to swap my fat for a slim.

    But that white one looks UUUUUUUGLY with red text.

    And when did the Fat PS3 have a white version? or was that some stupid Japan only deal for a limited time?? I'm kinda remember seeing a white console - was it for that Yakuza game?

      ..Asia has been selling the white and sliver ps3 fat for ages. not only in japan lol i know because mines a white ps3 lol and the price is exactly the same

      White one was Japan release only I think. Friend of mine bought his through Play-Asia.

      The yellow one is gorgeous, but would be too conspicuous when I take it places in my car.

      Yeah it was a Japan only thing.

    I'd get that orange one.

    Wow this seems a bit expensive for a new PS3 Slim color doesn't it? $150 for changing my PS3 Slim color, no Thanks! I love the orange but its just a bit to expensive. Hopefully they might lower the price soon!

    How come there are no pink colours?

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