Dragon Age Screens Showcase Blood, Gore, Sideboob

Twelve new screens for Dragon Age: Origins bring, as this game will undoubtedly deliver in November, the blood and the sexytime. Body fluids are their own texture so they stick to characters instead of fading. I'm talking about blood, stupe.

Dragon Age: Origins Gallery [Play.tm via VG247]


    I'm sensing some sort of subliminal message hidden within these pictures...

    ..........So DA:O revolves around a Beetles Rockband Xbox360 which you fly around what looks like Africa in a light aircraft?

    There are planes in DA:O?!? :D

    Nice. I'm actually starting to look forward to this game. Time to upgrade my computer so I can actually play it.
    But uh, whats with the random Beatles faceplate? XD

    three of these things are not like the others
    three of these things are not quite the same..

    can you guess what doesn't belong, children?


    hey seeing as the pre-order nets you free items it seems like a good idea, but anyone have opinions on the collectors edition? few new items, metal case, making of, bonus DLC side quest, and a cloth map!
    worth the little extra bank? the guy at EB thought it would be selling for 120-140

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